• E-mail Disadvantage of Ecommerce Hosting

    There are limitations to ecommerce hosting and one of those is due to the amount of e-mail addresses your business will be able to have. This is a serious disadvantage to those larger ecommerce businesses that need an unlimited amount of e-mail address as the business grows and more employees are taken on.

    However, there is still the need of the shopping cart while on a shared server, which will limit the amount of server side programming that can be done. This is how shopping carts are gained. Rather than opting for hosting through an ecommerce plan, there are ways of using a basic hosting plan and then paying a little extra for a shopping cart.

    It is very important to shop around for website hosting companies so that you are able to get the best deal for your business. You never know what you will find unless you compare all of your options very carefully and decide what you can do without and what you really need.


  • Using VPS through Joomla Hosting

    When it comes to Joomla hosting, there are a number of Virtual Private Server plans that can offer you something that you need. These plans are perfect for those businesses that would rather have the use of a full server and be able to get their website out to the entire world.

    The main problem with shared hosting is that everybody is on the same server and runs on the same IP address. This can cause the disadvantage of everybody being blocked from one country due to the content of one website on the same server. There is nothing that you can do about that, apart from having a great reason on why you should change server – and even then, you are not guaranteed to solve the problem.

    Having a dedicated IP address solves that problem instantly and means that you have full control if you find that your website has content that is blocked. There are a number of different hosting plans available through Joomla if you are looking to VPS.