• Free Joomla Templates are Where You Find Them!

    What is it that you want to do with your next web site? Do you need it to look like you had something to do with the design, or can you use just any old page layout that works? Do you need to have that web page be as interactive as you can or do you just want to put up an electronic brochure and hope for the best? Do you have a lot of information that you want to present in an easy to navigate way or are you just going to put it all on one long page and let people ‘dig around’ to find what they need?

    The answer to all of these questions, and more, will let you know what is needed when you set down to actually put your site together. The answer to all of these questions is contained in the very flexible set of free Joomla templates that are available that will allow the versatility you need to make sure that all of the above questions are settled in the right way!


  • What Are Some Of The Problems With A Shared Hosting Account?

    Since the most important thing to your Internet business is the address that you have your web site(s) at, you need to know that the web hosting company that has your files is going to be as secure as it can be.

    The main problems with shared hosting, from a purely security minded standpoint, is that someone else on your server can do something that will cause the server to, possibly, slow down or it may even drop off line altogether. This can be done because of the programs or some of the scripts that that client has installed have been installed wrong or in just the wrong way.

    This happens every once in a while and can be a problem if you are trying to launch a new product or attempting to run something that, in and of itself, might be a little edgy.

    That is really the main problem with the shared way of hosting your web presence, however, it rarely happens and when it does, you usually are back up within a very short time.