• E-mail Disadvantage of Ecommerce Hosting

    There are limitations to ecommerce hosting and one of those is due to the amount of e-mail addresses your business will be able to have. This is a serious disadvantage to those larger ecommerce businesses that need an unlimited amount of e-mail address as the business grows and more employees are taken on.

    However, there is still the need of the shopping cart while on a shared server, which will limit the amount of server side programming that can be done. This is how shopping carts are gained. Rather than opting for hosting through an ecommerce plan, there are ways of using a basic hosting plan and then paying a little extra for a shopping cart.

    It is very important to shop around for website hosting companies so that you are able to get the best deal for your business. You never know what you will find unless you compare all of your options very carefully and decide what you can do without and what you really need.


  • Using VPS through Joomla Hosting

    When it comes to Joomla hosting, there are a number of Virtual Private Server plans that can offer you something that you need. These plans are perfect for those businesses that would rather have the use of a full server and be able to get their website out to the entire world.

    The main problem with shared hosting is that everybody is on the same server and runs on the same IP address. This can cause the disadvantage of everybody being blocked from one country due to the content of one website on the same server. There is nothing that you can do about that, apart from having a great reason on why you should change server – and even then, you are not guaranteed to solve the problem.

    Having a dedicated IP address solves that problem instantly and means that you have full control if you find that your website has content that is blocked. There are a number of different hosting plans available through Joomla if you are looking to VPS.


  • Is SEO Possible With Your Free CSS Template?

    When it comes to your free CSS template, you will need to think about whether the design will work for your chances of SEO. SEO is very important if you want your website to be found on internet searches. The better your SEO then the better the chance you have of being on the first page of the search engine results. You will need to take time with this and be patient.

    If you are using a template that is full of tables, you will struggle to add SEO effectively. In fact, by adding the words in tables, you are more likely going to look like spam to the search engine, which will harm your search engine rankings.

    Columns are generally a good way of laying out your writing for the reader and also offer a way to effectively use keywords. You can write in detail in the columns without repeating the same word over and over again as a list, which is what tables will end up doing.


  • Some Additional Functions of the Cloud Hosting System

    The major functionalities that may interest you are the ones that affect the operation of your web pages.  By being on a cloud, you have the ability to scale your usage by how much space, memory or power that you actually need at any given time.  When presented with a spike in usage, you do not need to physically move to another server as the hosting system sees that and does it for you.   The added up times in a cloud hosting system are very good as the downed servers’ information is transferred and that server is brought back up on line, usually without you knowing it.

    The integration of dissimilar technologies is one of the very best things that you have in the cloud system. When you want to use programs or languages that don’t work really well together on one server, the other server that can do the job will step in and takes that process over so you do not lose the functionality of that mix.  The gathering clouds, in this case, are good for you.


  • Free Joomla Templates are Where You Find Them!

    What is it that you want to do with your next web site? Do you need it to look like you had something to do with the design, or can you use just any old page layout that works? Do you need to have that web page be as interactive as you can or do you just want to put up an electronic brochure and hope for the best? Do you have a lot of information that you want to present in an easy to navigate way or are you just going to put it all on one long page and let people ‘dig around’ to find what they need?

    The answer to all of these questions, and more, will let you know what is needed when you set down to actually put your site together. The answer to all of these questions is contained in the very flexible set of free Joomla templates that are available that will allow the versatility you need to make sure that all of the above questions are settled in the right way!


  • What Are Some Of The Problems With A Shared Hosting Account?

    Since the most important thing to your Internet business is the address that you have your web site(s) at, you need to know that the web hosting company that has your files is going to be as secure as it can be.

    The main problems with shared hosting, from a purely security minded standpoint, is that someone else on your server can do something that will cause the server to, possibly, slow down or it may even drop off line altogether. This can be done because of the programs or some of the scripts that that client has installed have been installed wrong or in just the wrong way.

    This happens every once in a while and can be a problem if you are trying to launch a new product or attempting to run something that, in and of itself, might be a little edgy.

    That is really the main problem with the shared way of hosting your web presence, however, it rarely happens and when it does, you usually are back up within a very short time.

  • The Best Web Reseller Hosting Account Company

    Many of the web hosting companies on the Internet today, offer reseller hosting accounts. This is an important way for you to make a little bit of extra money each month as you can resell various amounts of your disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts. You will be able to sell this to your clients or you can even give it away for meeting any of a number of requirements and you will have a very valuable incentive tool for more sign-ups and/or sales.

    The best reseller type account is the one that fits your needs as a hosting company. Does your hosting company satisfy all of your needs for the programs and the scripts that you need? Does your hosting company, or the one you are looking at, take care of everything that you need, now and will take care of everything that you will need in the near future? Then it is probably a good one to sell to others.

    If it is going to be the best, expandable hosting solution for you, it will be a very good one for many other people!

  • Is Linux Hosting The Better Of the Two Operating Systems?

    There are those who would say:  Yes! There are, of course, those who would say:  No. Where do you come down in this debate?

    The Windows system is produced by Microsoft. That, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Linux hosting has been designed and updated by a growing number of people in the Open Source software way, in which many people offer input. They help others to do the things they need to do to use one of the most popular operating systems in the world.

    Windows costs real money and Linux is free. There are those who say that you get what you pay for. However in this case, with Linux, you get far more bang for your (non-dollar) than you get when using Windows because of the ability for Linux to work with all of the major technologies and incorporate all of the programming languages to create beautiful web sites that will work so well. Windows does not have that flexibility.

    Yeah, a real troubling question!

  • The HostGator Reseller Coupons Out There Are The Best!

    What if you could get the best hosting company for almost free, the first month, and get the service of an Internet Services company at the same time with savings from them as well?  Would that help you get going in the right direction at the right time to enable your web pages to be the most interactive sites in your niche?

    The best HostGator coupon can be found on many of the services companies that you see advertised all over the ‘Net and they have savings from 10% through 20% and even as much as (almost) free for the first month!

    When you are trying to get a presence on the Internet and you need to get the best hosting company on the Internet while saving money at the same time, you can’t do better than getting the best hosting company for a very good savings.  All of the services they provide are the icing on the cake!


  • Are Cheap Hosting Plans Bad?

    cheap hosting plan can only be bad for you if it does not have all of the features that you need and if that hosting company does not provide the services that it offers and that you have paid for. Come to think of it, an expensive plan can be bad for the same reasons!

    The vast majority of cheap plans do have all of the things that are needed to provide you with the programs and scripts that will assist you in making the most interactive web site(s) on the Net; however, you need to be very careful about picking the hosting company that is in the same country you are in. That is important for various reasons such as money exchanges and customer service.

    The hosting company cannot be a bad one if they offer unlimited domain names and email accounts. They cannot be that bad if they offer at least 99% up time! In addition, they certainly cannot be bad if they have the most popular applications, or at least have access to them!